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Beirut, The Epicenter of Fun in The Middle East

Yes, Beirut is a natural disaster in the fun realm, you will find that out for yourself when you circulate the historical streets of Beirut, many marked with significant happenings that shall be remembered forever, and others just beautifully designed and pleasurable to look at. Beirut will transpire both sympathy and admiration in you, by telling you about all that it has withstood, and by seeing how it still stands strong today.

A bustling city filled with sites to see, and a wild lively nightlife, with the trendiest, and most posh places and people. Through our different tours in Lebanon, Beirut Urban Adventures will take you to places difficult to have access to individually, and it will make sure you have plenty of interactions with the friendly locals, for a fully-loaded experiencial tour of Beirut!

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The Beirut Marathon
Place: Beirut - Downtown - [ 05/12/2014 - 06/12/2014 ]

Run for freedom, run for Beirut...

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Beirut, The First City Of Law

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Beirut Urban Adventures

We at Beirut Urban Adventures are a group of dynamic people committed to showing you what a vacation in Lebanon is all about. We aim to provide every you with a great time from the moment you step off the plane until the time you pack up and go. Walk on the clean shores of Lebanon, carpeting the Mediterranean waters, visit all the historical areas in the city that has been broken down several times, yet still stands strong, enjoy the architectural beauty, the hospitable people, the trendy shopping, and the crazy nightlife!


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